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Dear Yogesh,

I recently got an opportunity to work with a Fortune 50 giant as a director. I feel like I am thrown into a dead-end and I am afraid to burst-out completely. I did not get a proper on-boarding, so I am constantly making errors and investing a lot of time backtracking and clearing the mess.

I am trying really hard to keep up to expectations of my boss and in accordance to what I was told to do in the first 90 days but these methods seem to fire-back. All day I am in meetings and have to kill my personal time when back at home to complete an impossibly long list of to-dos’.

When I talk to my boss about my problems and seek support in prioritization, she gives me a blank face. She expects me to do it on my own, with a clear indication of getting all the things done in the same time. I already have two subordinates and in process of hiring another one. Though I have been pretty good at getting the things done and prioritizing things for my team to bring a lasting impact and performance. But, it seems to be impossible here.

I think I made a huge mistake by leaving my excellently-handled job for this HELL. Feel like jumping off the ship before being thrown out. Should I just jump ship?

Please Advise

Want to Jump Ship


Dear want to Jump Ship,

This sounds really tough- to regret about leaving a comfortable job for a hellish one, it can really take a toll on your mind. But it won’t be hard to realize that what you are going through is the classic, predictable stage of disillusioned learner! In our Situational Leadership® II Training, we help managers understand how they kick-start on a goal or a task as an “enthusiastic beginner,” and then hit the wall and becoming a “disillusioned learner.” This development level is marked by all the things you are thinking: “What was I thinking, leaving my old job?” “I am never going to make it here.” “Should I jump ship?”

The thing I can say to you is: this phase won’t last for long. It happens with everyone in that situation. You are soon going to figure out things that are working for you and how to get on stable platform to think rationally and make unbiased decisions. I have worked in big corporations and at time they might feel like lunatic asylums at times.

Don’t worry, you’re soon going to find your way and fit well in the organization. Or, you may choose to take a leave.

So, if we talk about your criteria, what would it be? For instance: amazing leadership, the company is making the world a better place, you are making more money and amazing benefits which will allow you to do something you always wanted to do. Make your list. When you feel as if you can breathe again, go back to it and see if you are in the right place.

In the meantime, as you’re not getting help from any corner, you got to help yourself. And knowing your designation as a director of the company, it is expected of you to do all sorts of prioritization on your own.

Here’s a piece of advice for you. Start from listing out the things that are there in your backlog, then prioritize them according to your understanding of business and timelines you’ve got. You might go wrong, but what do you have to lose? At least you’d know you’re working on the things that you find the toughest. Do quite a few things and to get your feet under you.

Practice meditation a few minutes in a day to calm your brain down, get focus and breathe. Take care of yourself well and go home on time. Creating a balance in professional and personal life will help you stay calm and concentrate better on new responsibilities.


Love, Yogesh

*Blog Reference is taken from The Ken Blanchard Companies

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