6 Expert Tips to Help First time Managers Thrive - Blanchard India

6 Expert Tips to Help First time Managers Thrive - Blanchard India

  • 03 June 2020
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Building Trust,

Starting off the journey as First-time Manager is not easy for all. Management is not simple, as it requires skills such as communication, coaching, motivating, and listening.

As a new manager, you need to start from somewhere, and there are some important ways that can make the transition smoother. Below are some important first-time manager tips to succeed in your career:

Understand your business

As a first-time manager, you need to be prepared to address questions from the direct reports that consider the broader understanding of an organization. Taking from strategy to culture and HR problems, you need to know what is happening across the organization. You can spend time with senior leaders and ask questions:

  • How do you do this?
  • What can your team do to support other parts of the organization?
  • Why certain decisions have been made?

The more you know, the more you implement, and the more it becomes easier to understand business.

Prioritize your one-on-one check-ins

One-on-one check-ins are one of the best expert tips for first-time managers. You can better understand your team by spending some time with them. It is the time to know what they want, what are their queries, and more. You can set up one-on-one as per your schedule. Block the time on the calendar and do your best to respect the time. This can be helpful to know your people better.

Try to build rapport with everyone

Rapport is the foundation of great working relationships. Understanding grows compassion and empathy. Building a report is easy. The key is to find out what is important to them and what you might have in common. Ask your team for a coffee; you can use it as a chance to know them better. Following these little things and gestures can be helpful in building rapport.

You are the example

The next first-time manager tip to consider is being an example to your team. You are the person who would look at when times are good or bad. The values, the way you handle challenges, and the way you rectify things can become an example for many. You must be mindful of your emotions and how you react in some situations. You need to slow down, be patient, and develop an informed perspective. You can then lead in a way that your people consider you as their idol.

Be consistent

It is important to be consistent in the decisions you make. If you play flip-flops with the decisions, your employees can lose trust in you. To be consistent, it is good to be patient as well. Just calm yourself down and do your work. Be consistent in what you do and help your people to resolve problems. This is one of the best first-time manager tips to consider.

Practice asking questions and listening

The best you can do is to ask questions. This can help in resolving queries and clearing up the confusion of the people. Listening is also an important first-time manager tip. It can help to focus and resolve the problems. Active listening can help your people to build trust. This can result in the accomplishing of goals.

So, it is important to be there for your people. Help them, love them, and support them to accomplish goals. You are the reason they can trust and move forward with confidence. Be an example for them and create a happy team.

Follow these fruitful tips for first-time managers and lead your team effectively. Good luck!