75% of Employees Believe Collaboration is Essential for Productivity

75% of Employees Believe Collaboration is Essential for Productivity

  • 30 January 2023
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Team leadership, Leadership and Management

Collaboration has become one of the most important criteria for effective team and positive growth in the business sector. The collaborative software market is growing by 9.5% to enable remote workers to communicate without hindrance. 75% of employees believe collaboration is essential for productivity, while more than 30% say there is not enough collaboration in their companies. Without collaboration, there will not be out-of-the-box thinking which requires different experiences and exchange of information. The effectiveness of leadership and management strategies in a company depends on how well different workers can engage with each other on projects. The following blog will overview how collaboration helps towards effective management and productivity by providing tips on building innovative teams.

Team Leadership and Innovation

When it comes to a political party, business group, or any other team, we can recognize that there is always one face that stands out, and that is the face of the leader. Every effective team has a confident and motivational leader who guides its members toward the goal. Teams consisting of 20 participants scattered in different geographical locations and can only communicate through electronic modes have more difficulty increasing collaboration than other teams who meet physically. Team leadership and growing innovation in the team are all about emotions. According to the Harvard Business Review, innovation is a science, and the ability to form an idea is the first stage of developing a novel invention. Here are the different steps of team innovation:

  • People – The first is to bring together different people and form a team. Everyone will have a different and unique creative streak, and it is up to the company to utilize various personality tests to assess the effectiveness of a particular individual.

  • Analysis – Secondly, the team analyses what is required and the gap in the company's productivity. After the research comes the time for creativity, where they build on what they’ve learned and work towards a goal together.

  • Ideas – This is a group effort, and all the team members utilize their specific experiences and talents to create ideas to reduce the gap or produce something completely different. Every member is allowed to share their viewpoints and, with the help of the group's team leader, devise an action plan.

  • Collaboration – The last stage is where everyone has separate roles to play while working together towards the goal. Whether producing a product or improving an old one, the final stage is where all of it comes together, and something new is created.

Leadership and management for effective teams

Team leadership, Leadership and Management

  1. Training – Leadership and management training is essential to build collaborative teams. In 2022, we witnessed many leaders succumb to stress, due to uncertainties, leading to the company's fall. In 2023 things need to be different, and every company should be prepared to face changes. Whether it is transformational or transactional leadership, the uniting thread is motivation. Rewards recognitions and organizational culture all impact the strategy and the outcome. Next year leaders are expected to think beyond themselves, have visions, and be enthusiastic transformational leaders. Companies must amalgamate leadership and learning for all employees to change behaviors and reduce exploitation.

  2. Team Learning – This is a process where a group of individuals make up a team and act as a whole by teaching feedback and making any changes for improvement. According to scholars, feedback and feed-forward learning are essential to effective team leadership. The institutional makeup of the team should be both independent and collaborative. Feed-forward learning is a process by which a team member can utilize their intuition and action in unison with the other team members. Therefore, wise thinking in an innovative team is all about group thinking. This requires greater collaboration and interpersonal relationships, which can only be accomplished by continuous learning and education.


2023 is all about feed-forward, which results in group thinking. Strategic leadership is related to motivation and innovative ideas. A leader should be more active and selfless to guide people toward productivity.