A Satisfied Employee Leads to Happiness at Workplace

A Satisfied Employee Leads to Happiness at Workplace

  • 24 September 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Happy Employee,

In today’s world, employees must work with full dedication and passion.
How can we expect a fresher to develop a nature of loyalty and connection towards the organization all of a sudden? The individual does not know much about the company and it does take time for everyone to adjust to the system. Respect towards the organization comes with due course of time only when the employee is treated well by his seniors and when the employee is satisfied working in that environment.

Employee satisfaction is a place where individuals are not only happy with their current role and responsibilities but also, look forward to a long-term association with the organization.

No individual wants to quit his/her job after every few months or weeks. But the moment repetition of work creeps in, people start looking for some other opportunity. Most of the time, employees treat their jobs just as a mere source of earning their daily bread and butter. They visit the office not because they enjoy or love their work but because they need their salaries to ensure a comfortable living. Slowly, for them, their jobs become only – the path of earning and living.

Employees would never be satisfied with their jobs unless and until they have something creative, new and challenging to work on. “Monday morning blues” is a very common term used by many professionals as an excuse for not coming to work and feeling lazy on the first day of the week. They blame “Monday” for feeling lazy. I do not agree with this. Trust me, if you seriously enjoy doing your work, you would feel like coming to the office like every day. Even, you will not think about the coming holidays or weekends while working.

Understand, there is a difference between your private and professional life. Think sensibly. The moment you have expectations at the workplace, problems are bound to arise and you can never be happy and satisfied at the workplace.

Satisfied employees willingly work towards the achievement of organizations & personal goals and objectives. Dissatisfied employees can affect a brand because they will be less motivated, perform poorly and possess negative attitudes and behaviour towards the company. These signs have a way of spreading to other employees, affecting entire departments and the company’s bottom line. The unsatisfied employees are the ones who start spreading rumours, do back bitching about their superiors, they usually see flaws in every work or project.

Employees who are satisfied with their roles & responsibilities, are likely to stick around for a long time, benefitting the organization with their skills and experience.

Importance of Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is important for any organization, it is the responsibility of an organization that their employees feel happy and also deliver their level best. Whom we can call a satisfied employee? They are the ones who are loyal to their company even in the worst scenario. They work without any compulsion or restriction, they work for their goals, dreams with a vision of taking their organization to a next level. Employees need to be motivated & committed to their work and these qualities come only when they are satisfied with their role and organization on the whole.

The first benefit of having a satisfied employee is that they hardly think of quitting their jobs or switch to a new one.

Employee satisfaction is essential for employee retention. Organizations invest their time in the training of an employee, thus it needs to retain deserving and talented employees for the long term. If an individual leaves the company just after being trained, believe me, the organization would be in a really big mess. The new hiring takes time and cost for the organization and no one can deny the importance of having experienced professionals.

Employee satisfaction also ensures higher revenues for the organization.

No number of training or support would help, unless and until individuals gain a feeling of connection and loyalty towards their organization. Believe me, employees, who are satisfied with their jobs don’t have the time to engage themselves in nasty office politics. They even don’t have any time to fight with others, they usually ignore small things. Satisfied employees don’t visit the office just for their salary but because they feel connected with the organization.

Satisfied employees tend to show more of an adjusting nature and handle pressure comfortably as compared to frustrated & irritated ones.

Employees who are not satisfied with their role & responsibilities usually tend to find problems in every single thing they offer to do and they will not be flexible in their working. They find it extremely difficult to adjust and cope up with the changing times. On the other hand, employees who are happy with their roles & organization are willing to participate more in training sessions and are eager to learn & explore new things.

They accept challenges gracefully with a big smile on their face and deliver even in the worst of circumstances.