Be positive and control your anxiety amid COVID19 - Blanchard India

Be positive and control your anxiety amid COVID19 - Blanchard India

  • 19 April 2020
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts

This current situation of Covid19 has deterred many spirits. Clients are canceling bookings, events are being postponed or canceled, executives are calling emergency meetings to discuss potential solutions, etc. It all seems chaotic and complicated to handle.

Although we are all trying to remain calm and positive, the negativity is taking a toll on mental health and productivity. These are tough times and the feeling of uncertainty and fear is normal. Everyone is struggling to cope in one way or the other, so the best we can do is to abide by some tips to keep up the hope in dark times.

1- First and the most important tip is to calm down. You must know that your brain is a prediction machine and you control its functioning. When we are uncertain about the future, our brain starts to stress and panic. During a global pandemic like what’s happening now, it is normal to feel anxious and lost. But you need to tell yourself to calm down and take one day at a time.

2- Anything that would calm you down – like talking to a family member or friend, meditation or listening to calming music, taking a nap, or diverting your mind with a hobby. You can relax with a hot shower or a bubble bath, play board games with your family to keep yourself entertained and away from the negativity of the pandemic, play and spend time with your pets, take a small walk outdoors or just sit in your balcony to reconnect with nature.

3- Breathing is a key calming method. If you don’t practice breathing, simply try breathing in on a count of 4 and breathing out on the same slow count. Repeat ten times. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed.

4- It is also important to prioritize your tasks to have clarity on what you need to do. When you’re working from home the line between work and home can blur. Don’t let that happen, make sure you keep time for yourself.

5- And last but not least in any way is stop incoming noise and step away from distractions. Put down the phone and turn off the news. Being hooked to the same story about Covid19 at every hour of the day will make you feel more disturbed. The media will keep bombarding you with information. It depends on you how much you consume it. It is best to reduce your screen time these days. Spend time doing household chores, reading a book, or listening to music to keep yourself engaged.

And remember you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home. This is the time to introspect and take charge of things that you always wanted to do. Learn a new activity, take online classes to learn a new skill – creative writing, storytelling, software, graphic designing, editing, etc., cook up new recipes, and de-clutter and clean your house. Connect with friends – everyone is at home, and you can have virtual parties and endless video calls.

Wash your hands, stay home, and stay safe.