Be the Change by Embracing Self-leadership

Be the Change by Embracing Self-leadership

  • 12 December 2022
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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According to a Gallup survey, around 82% of managers do not possess the talent for managing people. The proper leadership and management skills are crucial for understanding people around you and organizing responsibilities. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the business sector has changed dramatically, and there has been a lot of fragmentation and isolation. Working in groups has become complicated as Communication is primarily through technology platforms. A new set of leadership skills has become a significant role as part of the demands concerning managers. People are required to develop self-leadership, which is mainly the utilization of a self-influence perspective that will impact the performance of a professional. 

Understanding Positive Self Leadership and its Applications 

concept of self-leadership first came into view in 1983, and again, after the pandemic, this has become an essential factor for identifying future managers. Self-leadership is how we understand and apply our strengths and weaknesses to a situation or action or sustain our influence over others. The process is mainly adjusting behavior and being aware of ourselves. Self-leadership is a skill acquired with the help of training and practicing reflection with aspects of positive psychology. 

This concept has become necessary because of the distance between our colleagues and us. With increasing flexibility, people do not have to visit the office frequently. The reliance is on technology to help reduce communication gaps. The organization's responsibilities are fractured due to distance. Therefore, we must utilize positive self-leadership techniques to advance in our careers. 

Core Qualities of a Self Leader 

Self-leadership, Team leadership, leadership management

Statistics show that more than 77% of organizations believe that leadership is lacking in their companies. At the same time, 83% of businesses acknowledged the importance of developing leadership at all levels, while only 5% implemented it. In 2023 it will be essential for us to take ownership of our professional development. We need to self-motivate and practice self-reflection regularly. Here are some core qualities of self-leadership that apply to any professional in the business sector. 

  1. A thirst for learning – A self-leader is always thirsty to learn. They will initiate many leadership and management programs in the companies to enable their employees to develop and acquire knowledge continuously. This works primarily with people in sales who have to understand what they are selling and answer the customer's questions. The best way is to read and learn more and more so that they can help customers in any way possible.
  2. Having set goals – One of the other qualities of a self-leader is that they have a set of goals they want to achieve in life and business. They will practice self-leadership and take training programs to understand their strength and weaknesses that can be utilized to achieve their goals. Experts recommend goal boards for jotting down the development goals for every quarter of the year. This will help you to stay focused and monitor your development.
  3. Balances viewpoints – It is best not to be attached to something and to focus your energy on important things. Detach yourself from non-essential work. Self-restraint is one of the core qualities of a self-leader.
  4. Discipline – A self-leader is disciplined and can tune into things that need their focus and tune out quickly. These leaders work hard and apply all their skills to reap positive results.
  5. Cognitive challenge -This aspect of self-leadership is the ability to challenge one’s established patterns of thought or change their ideas to understand and pick the right path. It is the quality by which we allow ourselves to let go and try and seek comfort in acquiring knowledge and taking risks. 


Due to the highly charged atmosphere, leadership and management skills such as self-leadership have become necessary in 2022. In 2023 we will become more responsible for our behaviors and development. Take training in self-leadership today to understand what you can do tomorrow.