Be the leader your people need with The SLII Experience™ training

Be the leader your people need with The SLII Experience™ training

  • 19 September 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Leadership Training

Increasing productivity and finding the right solutions are two aspects in which a lot of organizations struggle. When you train your managers with the right training, the effect is seen not just on them directly but on their team and hence on the entire organization. The SLII Experience™ training enables individuals to provide leadership development that can be used to achieve high competence rate. 

It is a highly dedicated and time tested leadership model that is used worldwide. Over the past few years using this module, organizations from all over the world have trained over five million managers. On successful completion of this training, managers can utilize their leadership style to achieve targeted results. The SLII Experience™ training focuses on advanced self-development that ultimately helps in building high performing teams and to also change the hierarchical levels in an organization. 

Varying leadership styles is the need of the hour

 Each employee working in an organization is different, so how can the ways to motivate, inspire, and lead them be the same?? It is true that the support and direction needed by employees varies according to their perseverance and level of competence. Thus, it’s important for managers to adopt different leadership styles to accomplish team objectives and keep employees engaged. 

Research says that 54% of leaders use only one particular leadership style, regardless of the situation. This means that 50% of the time leaders are most likely to use the wrong leadership style to meet their goals. 

Situational leaders are the best leaders 

The sign of a good leader is that they can adapt themselves according to the situation. They know what the team needs and when do they need it the most. Providing the right guidance and leadership will enhance the employee’s skills, make them more productive and creative, and will also increase the level of employee engagement. The aim of The SLII Experience™ training is to develop self sufficient and confident contributors who deliver on-time and best results for the organization. 

Accelerate development 

With the right kind of support and direction, individuals take leaps through development. This helps in accelerating their growth exponentially and to also increase the bottom line results. 

Increase retention 

When leaders try to match the style of their team, it gives a boost to the employee’s morale and these managers influence others to feel more values. This in turn increases retention, dedication, and engagement. 

Patience is a common language 

It is important that communication is done in a clear manner and only then can it be stress free. Leaders should be patient enough to build effectiveness and high performance culture. 

Develop solution providers 

When employees get the feeling that their seniors have the right intention and want to help them, they feel more motivated and creative, perform better, and look for all possible solutions for issues. 

Time tested and proven The SLII Experience™ training

The best part about The SLII Experience™ training is that it can be delivered face-to-face, virtually, or using the combination of both these methods. It is an interactive curriculum and is an award-winning training model. It teaches managers to implement the right leadership style according to the situation and the team’s requirements. It includes the following – 

  • Interesting videos that highlight good and bad practices 
  • Practical situations for learning and applications pose real life hurdles for participants 
  • Multiple tools available that can easily be shared with the participants 
  • SLII Playbpook recommendations and guidelines given for internal sponsors
  • eTools and conversation starters that offer a productive path for discussions 
  • SLII Challenge supports and guides managers in having a comprehensive understanding of the training 
  • SLII fitness enables managers to reflect on their development and process of becoming Situational Leaders 

Using The SLII Experience™ training managers can identify the needs of the team and provide an accurate leadership style to successfully meet those needs. Managers learn the 4 stages of development, and go from being Enthusiastic beginner to Self-reliant achiever.