• 17 May 2022
  • By Tanya Sharma
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An interesting term “GOAL-digger” usually refers to an individual who seeks to better his/her life along with the lives of those around them. They do not use people for personal materialistic gains or we can say to accomplish their goals with others. In fact, you would love to work for goal diggers as they often serve as a means of inspirational leaders. There are various skill development companies in India that can help leaders hone the skills of a situational leader or help them become better at what they do. 

As per my knowledge, below mentioned are the core qualities a Goal-Digger Leader should have: 

1. To be ambitious

A goal-digger leader should be passionate enough to lead and inspire others by gaining knowledge and relationship power. He should have a set number of SMART goals to achieve (both short and long term). While they love to have support and encouragement from their mates, they should be very clear and focused on defining a life outside of their self-built relationship, which certainly includes personal goals and achievements.

2. To be thoughtful 

The thoughtful leader thinks often about the impact or consequences of his actions, behaviour, and leadership on the people around him. A thoughtful leader thinks about the impact of decisions (both positive and negative) before he plans and implements them. A goal-digger leader should include this quality in him as he acts as an inspirational leader for the people who believe in his leadership style.

3. Motivates and inspires others to pursue their personal and professional goals.

A goal digger serves as a natural source of inspiration and motivation, they act as a servant leader for others – where their main goal is to serve their people with calmness. They should be the ones who respect their people's background, culture, and preferences. The leader who sees their people’s goals as their own goals are the one who act like a goal-digger leader. They put their best efforts to attain it and support achieving it with full of dedication and honesty. The goal-digger leader should know the goal achieving plan their supporters or people made to reach their goal and should be the happiest to assist.

The leader whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, perform more, and achieve more is the true goal-digger leader.


There is a visible need of having more Goal-Digger Leaders in the current working culture, as the trend of great resignation has come back. One of the reasons employees quit their jobs is that they don’t have a defined goal or they don’t have appropriate guidance, direction, or support from their managers to achieve the same. 

Therefore, it is important to have goal-digger leaders in every organization or team. As they act as a source of inspiration and motivation for their people and help them to succeed professionally. Best corporate trainers in India know the importance of such skills and give the ultimate guide to achieve them. 

It always is a leader, whether a person builds their career or achieves their goals, or quit the job.