Build Conversational Capacity for Higher Team Performance amid the Changing Times

Build Conversational Capacity for Higher Team Performance amid the Changing Times

  • 09 September 2020
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Team leadership

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become crucial for leaders to build conversational capacity. Every organization is struggling to work in a new environment and about providing valuable services to the customers. Constructive and learning-focused dialogue is important right now. 

The future is uncertain, but it is vital to remain focused and aligned. In a virtual environment, it becomes more important to remain in touch with the team. For that, having an effective conversation is crucial. 

Organizations and leaders must unite with the teams to increase the conversational capacity. It can help in keeping everything under control and maintaining performance and elevating productivity. Owning the capability of having constructive and learning-focused conversations under challenging situations is what the leaders must learn to do.

It is not easy

Having a conversational capacity sounds simple but it is not. Human nature is the main obstacle in building conversation capacity. Effective teams in such a scenario are hard to build as egos and rude responses work against teamwork. Besides, when the boss is around, people seem to guard themselves and be more careful. Here, the leaders must participate in the conversation in a way that lifts the conversational capacity of the team as well. 

It is effortless to build

There is hope. Teams need to remain open, balanced, and non-defensive while tackling critical situations. It is good to enter a meeting with ideas but it is also essential to help the team participate. Hearing them and asking their point of view can be good for higher conversational capacity. It also requires being humble, smarter, and clear-minded. Everyone has a different point of view, so it is crucial to make use of them effectively. 

People are intuitive, curious, and eager to learn, so it is good to make use of their talent in the right direction for team effectiveness. As the world is changing at a great speed, teams need to get smarter and boost their ability to tackle tough challenges. Leaders must develop their conversational capacity to keep them motivated and engaged during these testing times. This can be the turning point and help organizations flourish. Communicate regularly to be able to influence the team to collaborate and lead.