Change Management Training and the Seven R’s of it!

Change Management Training and the Seven R’s of it!

  • 18 July 2022
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
 Change Management Training, Motivation Training

A motivation training that’s emerging in today’s corporate world is Change Management. It is one of the best corporate training people can opt for. The reason behind the sudden emergence of Change Management training is the need for change managers across various industries. With layoffs taking place during pandemic and post-pandemic, the demand for change managers has shot. It is a stable career option with immense job security. Aspiring change managers are undergoing motivation training that caters to the domain. Out of those training, what may intrigue you the most is the training on the seven R’s. If you are aspiring to be a change manager, you have reached the right place, as this blog elaborates on the seven R’s of change management. 

What will be your role as a change manager?

When you undergo change management training, you will know that a change manager is responsible for driving changes in various fields of industry. The person is solely the main person behind most of the changes happening and implementation in the right and seamless manner. With the best change management training in India, you can become a skilled professional to grab a six-figure salary at the earliest. 

Some of your roles as a change manager

During the motivation training of Change Management, you will get to know about the various hats you need to wear. Some of them have been mentioned below:

The changes happen at a level when the policies must undergo changes for a particular project or several projects. The change manager delegated has to ensure that the result is an improved version of the previous one. 

Being a change manager, you play an important role in transforming the basics and deep-rooted fundamental policies of an organization. By doing so, you create a niche for yourself because this change is one that is considered unconventional but impactful. 

You will also learn during your Change Management training that transitional changes are those changes that are looked over by the senior leaders. If there is a particular process that has been undergoing some problems, it is a change manager that helps them sail through. 

You, as a change manager, are going to be an inevitable part of the system. You will be needed everywhere during your tenure in an organization that will only make you feel proud. To be an expert and more equipped with the skills, you need to enrol in the change management training as a motivation training that you can’t avoid. 

This training will also make you aware of the important seven R’s of Change Management. The R’s stand for reason, risk, resources, raised, return, responsible, and relationship. Confused? Don’t be. If you are in the best institute of Change Management training, you will get the concept in the wink of an eye. For now, let us know them in brief.

  1. What is the reason behind the decision to change?
  2. What can be the risks that may arise out of the change?
  3. Do we have the required resources so the change can be delivered by a given deadline?
  4. Is it one person or several people who raised the request for change?
  5. Is the return of the change worth it?
  6. After the change is designed, who is responsible to test driving it?
  7. What is the relationship between the proposed change and other actions around that change?

Wrap Up
The job role and the seven R’s must have made you curious to join a motivation training and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. We, at BYLD group, provide some of the best motivation training in the country and abroad.