Give your managers a great start with first time manager training

Give your managers a great start with first time manager training

  • 17 October 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
First Time Manager

It’s time to celebrate your promotion as a new manager. With this new role, there would be so many responsibilities that you’d have to take care of now. So make sure you tread with cautious and ensure that your career soars in the right direction. A research says that in the corporate world, more than 2 million people are promoted to managerial roles per year. But do you know that the transition from being an employee to a manager is a challenging task? More than 60% of first-time managers fail.

With the first time manager training by Blanchard India, you get the right tools to motivate new managers to put in their best and sets new directions for progress.

Know how First Time Managers need to take the first-step

First-time managers have a great advantage. They usually receive a lot of upskilling and training from industry experts right from the beginning. This proves to be beneficial for them in taking the right decisions and shaping their future. The aim is to make them into great leaders who cannot just initiate and bring about a positive change but can also work hard to sustain these changes, cultivate winning habits, and drive better initiatives for the team and the organization.

  • Create a great momentum: Coaching enables managers to make a smooth transition into their new role of a new manager and lead by example.
  • Develop high-performing teams: If you need to have a high-performing team, it is imperative to have a leader that can encourage and motivate them. Appropriately trained leaders know how to help, inspire, and engage their colleagues to drive execution and get better results.
  • Create trailblazers: First time managers need to learn and create compelling leadership styles that will help them take leaps and bounds in the direction of success and make their career shine.

10 challenges first time managers face and need to overcome

Here are 10 challenges that first-time managers usually face and tips to overcome them.

  1. Effective communication with the team: Build effective communication with your team and try to have an open communication channel. This will make the team more understanding.

  2. Shifting the mindset for the new role: When you’re an employee your main aim is to complete your own tasks. But as a manager, you need to look at the entire team. Work towards the development of the team in all aspects.

  3. Pressure to perform as a new manager: Make the most of this new opportunity that you’ve got. Don’t succumb to the pressure, take things slow and one day at a time for bigger success.

  4. Shifting from coworker to boss: Now that you’re the manager, you need to address the team directly about your new position. Don’t be overpowering, instead, try and explain to them that you’re still a part of them. Be a leader and not the boss.

  5. Time management: Managing your time should be a top priority for a manager. Strike a work-life balance and do tasks as per their priority.

  6. Setting goals and accomplishing them: Set achievable goals and work hard with your team to achieve them. Make sure the entire team is working towards the same objectives.

  7. Encouraging productivity: As a manager, the key to your success is to turn your team more productive and engaging. Create a motivational environment that promotes values, strong work ethics, and empathy. This way employees will be more engaged and productive at their work.

  8. Hiring a team: Hiring a team will help you reach greater heights. But how do you make the right choice? A great way to hire someone is your team is to do a work sample with them. If you like their way of working then you can consider the person to be a part of the team for a long time.

  9. Asking for help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You can ask HR about training programs that might be helpful and can also find a mentor who can guide you through this new role.

  10. Firing an employee: Letting someone go from your team is not an easy decision to make. But for the betterment of the organization, you need to take some tough calls. Also make sure that when you fire someone, your team can recover from that loss quickly. Also, transparency is really important while addressing your employees about termination.

Know how first-time Manager Training prepare for greater success

Blanchard India understands the requirements of new managers and has especially designed a training module that helps them kickstart their careers with new enthusiasm, zeal, and optimism. The best part about this training is that it is fast, simple, and effective.

4 Core Conversations

The four core conversations model is ideal for first-time manager training. It is an effective framework for understanding the important conversations they need to have and to manage people.

  1. Goal setting
  2. Redirecting
  3. Praising
  4. Wrapping up

4 Essential Skills

With these 4 essential skills, first-time managers learn the art of having impactful conversations that create positive and long term relationships.

  1. Listen to learn: Try to get rid of distractions and concentrate more on what the other person is trying to say. Don’t have any bias towards the thoughts being expressed and listen to them with an open mindset.
  2. Inquire for insight: It is best to ask a lot of genuine questions to know more about the topic and clear all your doubts. It also helps to draw insightful knowledge from the other person.
  3. Tell your truth: Share all the relevant information that’s needed and say it in an unambiguous manner to make the conversation clear and concise.
  4. Express confidence: Confidence is the key to any conversation and it is especially crucial for first-time managers. Using the first time manager training you can build self-assurance and enthusiasm.

First-time manager training provided by Blanchard India is a one day workshop. It is ideal for new managers who want to make it big in their careers. The training can be delivered face-to-face or in a virtual manner.