How to become a trainer? Learn with Train the Trainer Certification India

How to become a trainer? Learn with Train the Trainer Certification India

  • 02 October 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Train the Trainer

An increasing number of professionals want to take the plunge and become a trainer. But the path isn’t easy. It needs a lot of effort and people need to take the train-the-trainer certification to learn the implementation of training in the right way to seek fruitful results.

As a corporate trainer, you are working as a teacher, but in the corporate setting. Trainers spend their time training employees on particular skills, systems, and strategies relevant to their organization and business needs. Be it communication skills, problem solving, negotiation skills, or relationship building, there is a training program for each of these skills. But with train the trainer certification, you get expert trainers for all these fields. Some daily tasks of a corporate trainer include –

  1. Observational tasks – it involves monitoring of engagement levels of session participants.
  2. Public speaking tasks – it involves teaching company strategies to small or large group of participants.
  3. Collaborative tasks – it includes tasks like strategizing with stakeholders of the project to decide on training content and developing strategies.

How to earn train-the-trainer certification?

Train the trainer certification by Blanchard India is known to be one of the most reputed training programs. It enables trainers to initiate The SLII Experience™ training in their organizations. The following questions are usually the center focus of this program-

  • How to train a group effectively?
  • How to come across as a successful trainer?
  • What competencies should a trainer have? And what training style is best suited for you?
  • How do people respond to you in a positive way?
  • Self-directing: what does this mean? What are limitations to self directing?

To become a successful trainer you need two basic skills – knowledge and communication. A lot of trainers have the passion for teaching and the expertise of knowledge, but don’t know how to express themselves and that’s where they lag behind. You need to form a connection with the audience, so that they can understand you and take away positive learning from the training.

Corporate Trainer Skills

Trainers are teachers at heart and need to have a strong foundation of interpersonal skills. They should also have high energy level and be comfortable in speaking in front of a large audience. Train the trainer certifications’ ultimate aim is that trainers should break the ice and get their trainees to engage with the materials. This is the mantra that can take them to greater heights and make their career as a trainer glorious. Corporate trainer skills include –

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Ability to provide constructive criticism and feedback
  3. Adaptability
  4. Patience
  5. Observational skills

Why choose a train-the-trainer certification program?

Train the trainer is a dedicated program and has many advantages –

  • Career transitioning
  • Ready to deliver training modules
  • Improves earning capacity
  • An outlook on training techniques
  • Accelerates career growth
  • Guide to training senior management
  • Draw on life experience
  • Research authentication content
  • Experienced and specialized trainers
  • Helps build your own brand
  • An all-inclusive certification
  • Helps you develop training charisma

Train the trainer certification by Blanchard India

Blanchard India has been training the best managers in the world. If you’re looking for the best leadership training programs in India, corporate training solutions, and train the trainer certification in India then Blanchard India is the one stop solution. The services offered include training for the following –

  • The SLII Experience™ training
  • First time manager
  • Coaching services
  • Optimal motivation
  • Building trust
  • Legendary service
  • Blanchard online learning
  • Coaching essentials

Program Details of this certification by Blanchard India are mentioned below

Learning objectives

Train the trainer certification aims at overall growth and development of an individual as well as bringing a positive change in the organizational culture.

  • Accelerate learning so that trainers feel competent, motivated, supported, and confident.
  • Observe demonstration of and practice SLII Experience content.
  • Learn to use the facilitator guide and other reference materials to enhance the learning experience of the participants.
  • Diagnose development levels and choose your appropriate leadership style.
  • Become highly skilled at goal setting, coaching, feedback, active listening, performance evaluation, problem solving, and linking goals into action.
  • Create an effective communication model for all levels of the organization bring about a culture change and move towards high performance culture in your organization.

Who should attend train the trainer certification in India?

  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Individuals with job responsibilities of mentoring, developing others, and coaching

The Blanchard advantage includes – personal leadership quality enhancement, better delegation of work, continuous improvement, and appraisals and performance management.