How to Lead in the Great Acceleration? - Blanchard India

How to Lead in the Great Acceleration? - Blanchard India

  • 24 August 2020
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts

The Great Acceleration is taking place and reshaping businesses. The Decision-making process needs to be vitalized. A new model is emerging with distributed decision-making. It is an approach that makes companies agile. Innovation is another need that has emerged. Breakthroughs happen when managers and people make improvements with customers in mind.

Leaders are the Key

Leaders are the ones who can make or break the success. They are the mirror of an organization and it depends a lot on them to keep the performance up to the mark. Without correct leadership, goals cannot be achieved. To achieve success in the Great Acceleration, companies must leverage the creativity and contributions of the team. Helping and supporting them can turn out to be beneficial.

Below are five disciplines the leader of the future must follow:

Adapt leadership style to suit every situation: One-size-fits-all leadership approach never worked and it cannot work in the Great Acceleration. Here, leaders must act according to the situation and give the support and direction they need by adapting to the demands.

Develop people so they reach peak productivity: The Great Acceleration demands that companies help all employees to perform better. Leaders must guide people to work on projects that can upskill them. Leaders must encourage people to work on projects that can help them build their confidence and help them be self-reliant in their roles.

Set goals dynamically: When situations change, it is crucial to change goals. Leaders must set short-term goals and revisit them frequently. This requires leaders who are flexible and willing to change goals. If they do not change their goals, they can face failure.

Run experiments continuously: This is not the time to sit and wait. The leaders must stand up and show risk-taking and experimentation. Encouraging everyone to participate in decision-making and problem-solving can bring positive results. When leaders initiate innovation, the organizations thrive.

Develop relationships built on trust and candor: When walking together amid the Great Acceleration, if trust is absent, then nothing will work. The leaders must create an environment where people know that their ideas are heard. So, here the leaders must take care of the people and help them succeed. Only then collaboration and creativity can flourish.

The Great Acceleration has just begun. Considering the above-mentioned disciplines can help them build leadership and development efforts.