Legendary Customer Service: Important Than Ever

Legendary Customer Service: Important Than Ever

  • 29 March 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
 legendary costumer service

Customer Service has always been one of the most important pillars on which any business thrives and flourishes. It was so, decades back and it continues to be so. Now with the cutthroat competition in the market, any amount of emphasis on customer service would fall short.

Every organization wants to make their customer feel happy and let them know that the organization cares for them and helps them become successful. It is only then that they will keep coming back and also spread the word around about their positive experience with the organization. That is also the reason that organizations want them to know that they value the customers and have their best interests in mind.

If we think about the times when we did business with someone or even bought a product or service, whether face to face or online, we would have our favorite company or store or website.  If we think deeply, we would realize that it is not just about the quality of the product, but we return because of the way the organization treated us, made us feel before, during, and after the transaction. If they made us feel care for, comfortable, and special, we would certainly want to keep coming back.

It does sound simple and logical to follow this simple philosophy to scale one’s business to great heights. Make the customers feel cared for and wanted. It would save lots of money to retain existing customers than to acquire new customers to replace the old ones. But then, we all have had experiences of very bad customer service and vowing never to do business again with a particular organization. It does sound odd, but true.

It requires “time”, “energy” and most importantly “will” to nurture relationships with one’s clients. It is not just about a sale. Working with a client is a personal experience where one taps into someone’s true feelings. One has to spend time with their client and really listen to them. So if one focuses on relationships, sales will take care of themselves. This is what one calls the “CARE approach” to customer service. This is one important element of a Legendary Customer Service model – easy to remember and can be implemented immediately. Let us elaborate more on our ‘CARE approach”.

C – Committed: One should keep the customer in mind and all our actions would be under the firm belief that service is of utmost importance.

A – Attentive: It is very important to listen attentively to the customer, both his verbal and non-verbal communication, to understand his needs and also his frame of mind. It would do wonders if one can recap everything that he said, so that he can be sure that he has been heard, and also help in reinforcing his wants without any error in listening.

R – Responsive: It is important to respond fast and take action, to show that you care and that you are available for the customer. His concerns should be addressed and solutions offered.

E – Empowered: One needs to be fully conversant with the rules of the game. The company policies and the practices followed by the company should be at one’s fingertips. One should know about the immense power that he possesses to create a loyal customer. One feels empowered to handle all situations relating to a customer.

Whether one is doing business as part of a large organization or a start-up or as an individual, each interaction between a customer and a service provider is unique. It is important to make them feel that you care and that you are looking after their interests. That is when you give them a delightful and memorable experience. They may refer to their friends because they will cherish the way that you made them feel. That is when we can say that you have established a culture of service with them.

Thus one can differentiate oneself from others by providing outstanding customer service – Legendary customer service. The CARE model can make that difference. Though sales is a tough job, customer service need not be. The CARE model is a fresh way of thinking about the way we serve our customers – making a positive difference in somebody’s life. The key is to CARE.