Motivation Training and Customer Service Training by Blanchard International

Motivation Training and Customer Service Training by Blanchard International

  • 08 September 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Customer Service Training

Blanchard International is a reckoned name in the industry for training the world’s best managers. It is a known fact that great managers aren’t born, they are trained. And when you have the top training organization why go anywhere else. Accomplish your business goals with the right kind of training modules by Blanchard international. 

The first step to enhance the growth of your organization is to improve the capabilities of the employees. Improving their skills will prove to have long term benefits for the organization. It can be done by attending leadership training programs that are custom-made for your organization’s specific needs. Focusing on the ways to improve employee engagement, these are the advantages – 

  • Engaged employees will market your company in a better way 
  • Lesser attrition of employees, leading to longevity and loyalty 
  • Productivity increases when employee engagement is high 
  • Engaged employees are optimally motivated and feel positive at work 
  • Employees become more creative when they are focused on their job 
  • They communicate better and work better as a team 

We start by understanding your most critical challenges and then design a plan that’ll help achieve your goals. Your career path to creating best managers includes the following steps – 

  1. Listen 
  2. Plan 
  3. Execute 
  4. Evaluate 

Motivation Training 

The right motivation fuels engagement; thus, the importance and significance of optimal motivation cannot be overlooked in the corporate sector. Optimally motivated employees are 3 times more satisfied with their jobs, 3 times more creative, and 10 times more engaged. 

The motivation training program by Blanchard International aims at developing genuine working culture in your organization and providing the right motivation for employees. Drawing on illustrative cases and work goals, assignments and circumstances, members learn new motivational skills that can be utilized to enhance the way to figure out creative solutions for critical cases. The training helps in – 

  • Encouraging your employees 
  • Providing inspiration 
  • Increasing your earning potential 
  • Improving and achieving goals 

The motivation training program helps your team to work effectively, with a positive outlook, and with enhanced sense of work ethics. On successful completion of the training employees will have an upper hand as compared to those who haven’t taken up this training. They’ll be able to demonstrate more noteworthy engagement at their workplace and come out to be as an innovative and creative individual. It is a one or one and a half day workshop conducted face-to-face that helps teach your managers and senior officials how to shift towards optimal motivation every day to increase employee engagement and productivity. 

Customer Service Training 

Customer forms the backbone of any organization. Companies who have a great customer service are more valued and preferred over the companies that don’t take into consideration the needs of their customers. It is important that companies build a service-oriented culture that allows your employees resolve customer issues, minimize costs, drive improvements, and augment customer loyalty and engagement. 

The merits of customer service training include – 

  • Strengthen loyalty 
  • Decrease the cost of sales 
  • Turn them into fans 
  • Get necessary feedback 

The customer service training program by Blanchard International is meticulously designed to provide a competitive edge to your organization by delivering great customer service that goes beyond set boundaries. The balance of years of experience and industry expertise is what makes the training program by Blanchard one of the most coveted in the market. 

The key is to care, and that’s what the robust framework teaches. It incorporates the following qualities to deliver ideal service. 

  1. Attentive 
  2. Responsive 
  3. Empowered 
  4. Committed 

The customer service training program is a one day workshop for service providers who interact with internal or external customers. There is a special half-day workshop for managers who act as service champions within the organization. The best part about the training is that it can be delivered face-to-face or virtually and it’ll take your customer service from good to best.