New HR / L&D Survey on the Hybrid Work Environment

New HR / L&D Survey on the Hybrid Work Environment

  • 11 August 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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Now that people are all set to get their 2nd Jab of Covid 19 vaccine, return-to-office has become a new hot topic in the business era. This surely calls for a wave of questions in terms of how leadership learning and talent management are dealing with it and how the professionals are taking it.

Questions like, which business environment best describes the new normal? And how exactly the return to the office should look like? A poll that was conducted recently revealed the answers to somewhat similar questions like these. 195 HR / L&D professionals responded to a few questions and deciphering it we can see the new trends emerging for the new normal in the current scenario.

The results came out as:

Same as before: With little or no discrepancies: 15.6%
Little change: Minor changes and moderately disrupted by the pandemic: 40.2%
Majorly changed: Was disturbed by Covid changed drastically: 37.2%
Completely changed: Disrupted by Covid to a great extent: 7%

What Changes are expected to come?

Moving forward, businesses were asked which response best describes their answer to the changing work environment?

Pandemic disrupted the working models of many companies and businesses are still feeling the tremors of the new Covid waves that are coming. 68.9% of leaders suggest making “fair” to “extreme” changes in their strategy.

No Change–try to return to normal                                                  5.1%
Small tweaks to our strategy                                                            26.0%
Moderate changes to our strategy                                                  45.4%
Major changes to our strategy                                                         23.5%

After the survey, there were many emerging concerns and questions related to the new working conditions and the permanent impact Covis 19 left on workplaces. Although, the results declared that:

Hybrid Model is Here to Stay!

What does “return to the workplace” look like in your organization?

Elective- up to individual employees- 8.4%
Hybrid–two or three days of work in the office per week    – 59.9%
Mandatory–Fully vaccinated and back to the property- 10.9%
Not sure- yet to decide- 20.8%

The pandemic has completely changed how people are going to see the workplace and offices from now on. As post-pandemic policies are evolving, one thing is definite that moving forward a change is required at every end of the organization, be it people, places, or work.