Preparing People To Be Managers For Progress

Preparing People To Be Managers For Progress

  • 27 July 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Blanchard Management Essentials,

Have you been promoted to a new managerial position recently? Every position requires certain skills and failing to have it might lead to overall failure in the role that you’ve been assigned. There are many causes that affect the success or failure of managers when they transition into the role of a leader.

According to a recent study, it is noted that nearly 2 million people transition to managerial roles every year. The position demands exceptional leadership skills and a unique range of capabilities. The transformation from an employee to a manager is a challenging one and leads to 60% of new managers failing or underperforming.

Now, these skills can be acquired with continuous practice and efficient training. As you cultivate new managerial skills, it encourages you to transform into a more proficient supervisor leading to derive ultimate job satisfaction.

Here are four essential skills for new managers to create productive and positive results at work.

1-Learn by Being a Pro-Active Listener: It is important as a manager to set things aside and listen to what your employees are trying to say. The key is to not just hear them but listen to the things they are trying to express. The art of listening makes you omnipotent to the tasks, issues, and other important aspects of your organization.

As some might find it difficult, this skill can be acquired with practice and consistency. Now more than listening, the key is to listen and comprehend what the team wants. Along with that, providing a safe space, setting the right tone and mood for meaningful conversations, and allowing the easy flow of thoughts and ideas is very important. This might look a little difficult to master but anything can be learned over time and with the right guidance.

2- Asking Questions to Gain Insight: Being a manager demands accountability and decision-making whenever need be. But, it is also about gaining insight into how your team reacts to those decisions and what can be improved. As running a successful business is not a one-man-army job, it requires the opinions and viewpoints of everyone involved.

As a leader, it is your duty to ask questions and gain as much as you can before making a decision. This will help you have a better judgment of things and an expert acumen on how to proceed.

3- Telling Your Truth to Help Others Gain: Everybody needs an improvement in outlook sometime or the other. Being a manager, you must ensure that your employees not only have their work-related needs met but also have their mental health intact.

We are sure you might have stories or experiences that can help others get motivated and work better leading to improvements in performances. Tell your truth to inspire people to do better in their work and life. This exercise will also help in understanding each other and creating a healthy workspace.

4- Expressing Confidence for Better Management: Leading a team requires you to be confident in the approach that you take. As a manager, you need to build assurance and enthusiasm in order to survive the everyday challenges in a business environment.

Transitioning from an employee to a manager is a tough nut to crack. Without the right guidance and support, people tend to fail in this demanding position. Our Blanchard Management Essentials program helps the new managers up for growth by equipping them with the necessary managerial skills.