Professional relationship building skills and its importance at workplace

Professional relationship building skills and its importance at workplace

  • 12 November 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Relationship Building Skills

One of the key characteristics to success is how well you get along with people. Whether it is your personal life or professional life, making connections with people and relationship building is so important. Positive and supportive relationships form the basis of success, they make you feel strong and happy, and you feel more satisfied in life.

Shared below are some effective tips to develop more positive relationship building. Follow these for professional relationship building skills and understand its importance at workplace –

  1. Accept and celebrate differences: Each individual is different and so are their thoughts. You should embrace this difference and be accepting of different perspectives. When people give their ideas you get to explore different avenues and it opens up so many channels for you.
  2. Be an active listener: Active listening is such a useful life skill. In active listening you are genuinely interested in what the other person is saying. When you feel the other person, you are in a better position to respond and give suggestions. This in turn helps in strengthening relationships and building trust.
  3. Give people your time: Giving someone your time is the best gift. If you want to build relations, you need to invest time and energy into it. The connection you make with someone is based on how much time and understanding you put in that relationship.
  4. Work on your communication skills: Communication skills are considered to be life skills. And when you’re in the corporate sector it is important to keep polishing these skills. A good communication is when someone understands you, even when you don’t speak. Make sure there is an open communication channel in your organization that encourages free flow of ideas. This would help in relationship building.

One of the biggest barriers in communication is assumption. When you have preset notions about the other person, whatever they try to communicate seems to be wrong. Poor communication at workplace can hamper productivity, employee morale, and bring down the motivational work culture.

  1. Learn to give and take feedback positively: Feedback is the most crucial step in the communication process. But most times it tends to get overlooked. It is important that you share constructive feedback to let the other person know that their message is clear or where they were lacking. The same holds true for when someone gives you feedback. Listen to it patiently and don’t take it personally. Implement the feedback given to get better results and for mutual understanding amongst relationships.
  2. Manage mobile technology: Technology has connected us, but sadly it has also set us apart. When you’re talking to a person pay complete attention to them and avoid using your phone. This gives a bad impression and become a major distraction.
  3. Be empathetic towards others: Empathy is an integral skill that’s needed in the corporate world. If you want to improve your professional relationship building skills, then being empathetic towards others is supposed to be the first step. People will forget what you say, but will never forget what you do.

    When you put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand their situation, it gives them a sense of belonging and it helps in stronger relationship building.
  4. Develop trust: A lot of people question what’s most important in relationships – love or trust? Well, it is true that all relationships should be based on trust. And when there is trust every other feeling comes naturally. Trust and respect go hand in hand, and when you respect someone it means you are trying to build a strong relationship based on loyalty. Thus, develop trust on people and become a trustworthy person who people can bank upon.