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Self Motivation - Blanchard International

  • 05 March 2022
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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Self-motivation is the willingness or we can say, it is the force that drives a person to do things. It is an important factor that is required to stimulate the desire or willingness in an individual for performing and giving their best in their role. Individuals who feel motivated enough will always give their best, perform better, and also, they will be willing to take on various responsibilities on their own. It is a sort of motivation that comes from the inside to achieve and desire the inherent recognition related to it.

Self-motivation can also be driven to achieve external rewards such as money, power, and status; it’s an inner drive to take action — to create and to achieve. It is what drives an individual to stay dedicated to accomplishing his/her tasks, especially to those whom he/she is pursuing because that person would like to, not because someone told him/her to. As motivation comes hard and goes fast, you can attend courses as well for that. Leadership courses in India are available to aid you with the same.

Self-discipline also plays an important role in maintaining self-motivation. While self-discipline and self-motivation are two distinct concepts, self-discipline is vital for maintaining self-motivation. It’s not enough to be self-motivated - to achieve your SMART goals, you would like to couple self-motivation with self-discipline. A study of online learners showed that people could be considered self-motivated (since they're all taking a voluntary course with the goal of learning), those with self-discipline were the foremost likely to succeed.

For example, Self-motivation is straightforward to know once you consider some examples that contrast it with other forms of motivation: When a woman only goes to the gym only when her friends drag her there or because her doctor says that she needs to exercise to be healthy & fit is not self-motivated, but the lady who loves to do exercise, that makes her feel good and schedules her time for the gym whether or not anyone encourages her is self-motivation. Best leadership training programs in India can provide you with many training courses for your self-development.

Also, motivation at the workplace is necessary as due to Covid-19, the employees working in certain organizations are doing work from home because of the situation and sometimes it gets tiring just by sitting and working thus the motivation to work efficiently fades and to regain this self-motivation one can have timely breaks to regain the energy and finding hobbies that interests you (This may be a vital tip—it’s much easier to be self-motivated once you are hooked into what you are doing and fully engaged in it.);

Request valuable feedback from your manager or colleagues to know more about where you can improve and enhance role clarity; Learn a new skill that is relevant to your role. Financial incentives are generally considered extrinsic motivation, but if you’re proud of your position, being paid what you think you're worth is often very self-motivating.

Benefits of self-motivation:

  • Self-motivation gives you the inspiration to grow, to become a better version of yourself.
  • It helps you to overcome petty indecisiveness.
  • It also helps you to avoid & overcome your negative influencers in life.
  • It makes you more passionate about your goals.
  • It gives you the strength to take upon challenges & risks.

In this piece, we covered what self-motivation is, how it fits into similar concepts in psychology, how you'll boost it in yourself, and the way you'll encourage it in others. It’s possible to extend self-motivation, and successively, to extend your productivity and success. Hopefully, this text gave you some techniques and tools for achieving this.