Teams Within a Trusting Environment Report 70% Less Stress: Effective Teams Trust Each Other

Teams Within a Trusting Environment Report 70% Less Stress: Effective Teams Trust Each Other

  • 13 March 2023
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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How to build trust within a team? Why is trust so important? The answer can be provided with an example - In a considerable fortune five company, there is a team with highly developed technological tools and members with excellent skills and capabilities. However, the members must get along and trust each other with projects. Members do not share information, ask for help, and are constantly turning to the head of the team. The result was that the project was not finished on time, and when it was finished, it did not reach its full potential. This is common in most companies where remote work has become a norm today. Building trust within a team is crucial to increase productivity, ensuring that the services and products given to the customer are of high quality, and building the customer's trust in the company.

What Reduces Trust Between Co-workers?

Many have asked, “How to build trust with coworkers?” And the answer lies in understanding what reduces trust among coworkers.

According to a study, 62% of customers are attracted to companies that exhibit ethical values. According to Forbes, teams within a trusting environment report 70% less stress.

An environment that is not supportive and does not empower employees does not have trust among coworkers. A leader who does not lead by example and is not transparent with their coworkers will not have an effective team with trust. Employees today need support and avenues to voice their opinions to grow. Companies have to look after the well-being of their employees and provide them with a space where they can indulge in independent activities. It is all about empowerment. Therefore, the question of  how to build trust with coworkers is all about giving a voice to your employees.

Tips on How to Build Trust Within a Team
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These tips can build trust within the team and between coworkers.

  1. Clarity –The first tip is to provide your team with clear instructions regarding their roles and, of course, the objective they need to work towards. Unclear roles cause 90% of team conflict. Conflict in the workplace is mainly attributed to interpersonal issues and can arise due to vague goals where people blame others for a job not done. In-effectivity and dishonesty are after-effects of unclear goals of the team. It is up to the manager to take time to ensure that the goals and the roles are aligned.

  2. Accountability – Working as a team is also about sharing information and taking responsibility for mistakes. Trust and accountability go with each other and sometimes are at odds with one another. Accountability sometimes is not implemented as team members do not trust each other and are scared of falling short of expectations. It is up to the company to show employees that accountability is about empowerment, not controlling others.

  3. Punishments – If you have employees who do not behave according to the culture of the environment, then you need to take action. Analyze and address the behavior of both low-performance and high-performance. Leaders who do not address behavior have ineffective teams that do not value ethics. Tolerating toxic employees can lead to a 63% loss of work time.

  4. Voice of the employee – You must give your employees a chance to voice their opinions, so they feel valued and heard. Don’t make the mistake of having a favorite, even if you don’t let it be pronounced. Give everyone a chance to make decisions of their own volition.

  5. Invest – Investing in your employees is the best tip to build trust with coworkers. Give them training programs to educate and provide them with skills to take up new opportunities. Upskilling and reskilling are essential to reduce attrition and increase employability.


Building a trusting environment and effective team can be challenging without help. Companies can use many programs to increase  team building. Contact industry experts today and learn how to build effective teams.