The Three Secrets of The One Minute Manager - Blanchard India

The Three Secrets of The One Minute Manager - Blanchard India

  • 23 December 2020
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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There have been a lot of changes in the workstyle of most organizations around the world, since the 1982 book, The One Minute Manager®, was published. During the period this book was published, top-down leadership was the norm. In the original book, the manager set goals for his employees as a list of directives. He had to decide on who to praise and who to reprimand.

In 2015, The New One Minute Manager® adapted the three secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praising, and One Minute Re-Directs, to suit the current times. This book realized that the command and control leadership no longer works and that managers partnering with their people, was far more effective.

Today’s workplace and The Three Secrets:

Most of you might be aware that the year 2020 has seen a rapid change in the work culture, brought on by the COVID19 pandemic. Organizations and industries across the world have been forced to transform, just for survival. How can managers lead their people in this new environment that has changed drastically in a few months? Let us revisit the three secrets, and let us see how they can be applied in today’s workplace.

  1. One Minute Goals: Our workforce is thinner and geographically spread apart, the spotlight is now on collaboration and teamwork. Since we cannot physically have one-on-one interactions, our reliance on video conferencing apps and phones have increased drastically. The challenge is to make people realize that technology can compensate for traditional interactions. 

    People still need to work together side by side, to set the One Minute Goals - The First Secret. It is very important that everyone be clear about their responsibilities. The manager and the team need to agree on important goals, it is up to the manager to set clear expectations and ensure that everyone on the team knows what a good job looks like. From every member of the team to the manager, everyone needs to keep an eye on what they are doing, to ensure that their behavior matches the goal.
  2. One Minute Praising: Even if the manager and employee are separated by different time zones or locations, it is the manager’s duty to keep an eye on his subordinates and praise those who are doing good work. The Second Secret is the most powerful tool, as encouragement and motivation have always proven to increase employee efficiency and productivity. Keep in mind, that your praise should be genuine, or else it might backfire. Human beings are wired to act positively towards heartfelt appreciation. Support your team, boost their morale and you will quickly reach success.
  3. One Minute Re-Directs: This is an updated Third Secret, it was originally One Minute Reprimands. It is counterproductive to reprimand or punish a learner. Instead, if a learner makes a significant mistake, then you need to deliver a One Minute Re-Direct. Review the mistake together, reconfirm their understanding, and be specific. Express your thoughts on the mistake, and explain the impact the mistake will have on other projects. Let the learner assess the situation, and be sure to keep calm while talking with them. Let him know that he can do better and you believe in his potential. This can act as a catalyst for the learner to improve himself.

In conclusion, The Three Secrets of the One Minute Manager are still relevant today. These Secrets provide managers with the tools they need to build relationships and achieve success.