Train the Trainer Certification in India

Train the Trainer Certification in India

  • 02 May 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Train the Trainer,

Globalization has led to not just an increase in opportunities, but also an increase in competition and pace, and challenges. Business houses that wish to survive the industry odds and want to successfully battle the cut-throat competition and challenges have realized that they should not underestimate the importance of corporate training programs for their organizations, thereby unleashing a new era of learning interventions through innovative learning techniques, advanced experiential learning methods and compelling new concepts that evolve through changing business scenarios.

Corporate training has expanded into many areas, including, but not limited to management and leadership, accounting and finance, personal development, human resource management, sales and marketing, customer service, and English language. Organizations investing in these learning areas experience managerial effectiveness, better customer satisfaction, and high retention of employees and clients. Hence there is a substantial increase in demand for well-certified trainers.

How do you fast-track your career as a trainer?

Trainers who are currently working in learning and development teams and would like to expand their horizons by moving from technical or process training to behavioral training are looking for a trainer course that can help them understand the similarities and differences and thereby step into new frontiers.

Not only is it important to learn new skills and techniques, but also necessary to validate skills so it is easy to gain the trust of the employer and thereby fast track your career, hence the need for a good Train the trainer certification.

How to become a successful trainer?

It is assumed that one has to have been an expert at a specific area to then become a subject matter expert and thereafter a trainer. While this is true to a great extent, it is also true that a trainer is a facilitator who helps learners realize, derive, and arrive at their learning. Along with being an absolute expert, the trainer also needs to be adept at human behavior, adult learning principles, creative learning techniques, instructional design, and several other such subjects to become a good facilitator. Any good train the trainer program caters to these subjects.

Train the trainer certification in India is more and more in demand and the programs currently available do not exactly cater to the need comprehensively. Most trainer programs teach principles of facilitation, content creation, etc. but none of them prepare the learner for the specific subjects that they will be facilitating. To train the trainer, one needs to be a stalwart in the world of facilitation themselves.

Conclusion: With the cutthroat competition in the current business environment, any organization must have excellent trainers who can train and mentor the workforce to increase productivity and thereby the bottom line of the business. Train the trainer program carves out the best of trainers to suit the business needs.