Ways to Develop Optimal Motivation and Enhance Relationship Building Skills

Ways to Develop Optimal Motivation and Enhance Relationship Building Skills

  • 18 September 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Optimal Motivation and Relationship Building Skills

Building better relations is one of the key elements to succeed in your personal and professional life. When you have relations that are strong and you know you can fall back on, you can even tread difficult paths. Developing effective workplace relationship building skills can be greatly helpful for an employee. Whether working with someone sitting next to you, or a team member across the globe, building good relationships at work is the crucial for reaching goals, success, and your growth.  

Build a foundation of trust 

With proper training in relationship building skills employees get to know the importance of creating a positive, creative, and productive working environment. Apart from there are various other characteristics that are polished when you work on relationship building skills like – trust, understanding, and mutual respect. 

There are 4 main elements of trust in building good relations

  1. A (Able) – Demonstrates competence 
  2. B (Believable) – Acts with integrity 
  3. C (Connected) – Cares about others 
  4. D (Dependable) – Honors commitment 

7 habits to for building better relationships skills 

  1. Become a great listener 
  2. Ask the right questions 
  3. Pay attention to the whole person 
  4. Remember things are important to others 
  5. Be consistent and manage your emotions 
  6. Be open and share when the time is right 
  7. Be genuine, humble, positive, and trustworthy 

One needs to understand that working on building better relations is not a one day task. The training might be of a limited period, but if the participants don’t implement the learning and make a constant effort, then it’s difficult to build strong relations. Thus, acquiring relationship building skills through targeted training is a great idea. 

How relationship building skills will be useful for you? 

  • Helps develop good people skills like collaborating, communication, and conflict resolution 
  • You’ll be able to better identify relationship needs and work on them accordingly 
  • Helps you cultivate a positive outlook at work that will ultimately strengthen relationship with your colleagues 
  • Helps you appreciate when someone assists you in any way. This attitude will also open doors for great work relationship 
  • You become an active listener to colleagues and customers and this helps in building trust. 

Relationship building training with Blanchard is a half day workshop that’s delivered face-to-face or virtually. It’ll help you build and repair trusting relationships throughout your company. 

Optimal Motivation is virtuosity 

It is so important to have optimally motivated employees in your organization. When the employees are motivated, the productivity increases, there’s a positive attitude towards work, and they are more innovative and creative. With special optimal motivation training programs you can help employees in various ways – they are 3 times more satisfied, 3 times more creative, and 10 times more engaged. 

Optimal motivation training can help your team to work more efficiently and with a renewed energy. There are so many advantages of this training. 

  1. It encourages your employees. 
  2. Employees get inspired at every stage. 
  3. Overall earning potential of the company is increased. 
  4. There is expansion in profitability and increase in turnover 
  5. A positive change in the general execution of operations is also noted. 

On successful completion of this training, the participants will indeed have an upper hand at their workplace and will become an asset for their organization. They will show more engagement and will come out to be as inspired and innovative individuals. By utilizing optimal motivation employees can have best practices to utilize vitality, efficiency, and a positive feeling of accomplishment. 

3 skills for activating optimal motivation 

  1. Identify: Managers learn to identify employees’ current motivational outlook.
  2. Shift: Managers learn the right strategies to facilitate people’s shift to optimal motivation.
  3. Reflect: Managers learn skills to help employees reflect on how their shift to optimal motivation impacts their feelings, sustainable high performance, and overall well-being. 

With this one or one and a half-day workshop you can take your manager’s skills to an all-new high. And then they can teach and guide the employees in the right direction to motivate and inspire them to do their best.