Why Employee Motivation Matters?

Why Employee Motivation Matters?

  • 17 January 2021
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Motivation Skills

Employee motivation is very crucial for employees’ productivity and there are several reasons for it. One of the main ones would be because it allows management to meet the company goals. Without enough motivation, the company would be in a very risky situation. Motivated employees have higher productivity and help an organization to achieve higher levels of output. Imagine having unmotivated employees at work. They may probably use work time to surf the internet for personal interest or might be on the lookout for a new job. This would be a waste of your time and resources. This is not a position any company would want to be in.

Here are some benefits of having a motivated workforce.

Increased employee commitment: When employees are motivated enough, they will put their best effort into the tasks assigned to them. This is beneficial for the organization, as it increases their chances of getting a better result.

Improved employee satisfaction: If your employees are satisfied then it will result in a positive growth of the organization. And motivation is a crucial factor for employee satisfaction.

Ongoing employee development: Motivation can initiate a worker’s journey towards his personal goals, and can also lead to the self-development of an individual. Once the worker reaches some of the initial goals, he will realize the clear link between effort and result, which can motivate them to continue at a higher level.

Improved employee efficiency: The efficiency level of an employee is not just based on their qualification or abilities. For an organization to get the best possible results, an employee must have a good balance between the ability to execute the given task and the willingness to do the task. This balance can lead to an improvement in efficiency and an increase in productivity.

How to improve employee motivation? Here are some tips.

 Improve communication: This is the first step. For employees to feel motivated there needs to be positive communication at the workplace. Do not just rely on emails for communication, face-to-face interaction is necessary to connect at a personal level. Employees also want their organization to succeed, for this, they may have excellent ideas that range from money saving to operational improvements. So managers must make an effort to listen to their suggestions. Feeling valued is very important for motivation.

Value individual contributors: Employees will feel motivated if they know how their work is impacting the organization, regardless of how big or small their contribution is. Management has to make sure that they make their employees feel wanted. But it does not mean that the management has to reward their employees with gifts every single time, simple gestures like saying “Thank you” or “Good job” is enough. Words have a lot of power, this will help build loyalty and encourage employees to work even harder.

Positive workplace environment: One of the biggest reasons for employees to lose motivation is a lack of a positive environment at work. To rectify this the management can send surveys and get feedback from the employees on what they feel is lacking at the workplace. The company can also design its workplace with colors and furniture which gives out a positive feeling. In addition to this management can find creative ways to keep their employees motivated.

We understand that it is difficult and time-consuming to consistently make your employees motivated at the workplace, but considering the payoff of having a motivated workforce, this effort is necessary.