Women and Inclusive Leadership

Women and Inclusive Leadership

  • 25 April 2022
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
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Research shows that Inclusive Leadership for women can drive productivity, loyalty, better team connection, and motivation, yet many companies fail to embrace it. Starting from big scale businesses to small businesses to nonprofits organizations, we’ve immensely seen a range of responses focused on removing racism and pledging commitments to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Many leaders and HR heads have reexamined their organizations’ diversity and inclusion initiatives, they are focusing more on retaining the female talent pool by making them feel valued and included. They are looking for a reinvention, and that reinvention should start at the top, with leaders who embody an inclusive leadership approach. This definitely calls for relationship-building skills in leaders and people managers.

But, what exactly is Inclusive Leadership?

In all my knowledge, Inclusive leadership means having a leader who commits to ensuring all team members are:

  1. Accepted by others, irrespective of their background, caste, position, etc., and treated equally,
  2. Having a sense of belonging, respect, connection, value, and are
  3. The accent of the resources and support they need to achieve their full potential.

Female employees face a major challenge in feeling valued and welcomed by the other employees and building their distinct identity.

In today’s new normal, women are rising and shining as strong leaders and taking on the extra mile projects that come with their roles, along with men on the same line. Corporate or professional women are going out of their way to support and direct their teams in order to advance the culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, this critical work is going unrecognized or unseen by most companies, and that’s becoming a concerning issue in recent times.

The journey forward is clear. Companies need to take bold actions to address this burnout. They need to recognize and reward their women leaders more – who are driving progress for overall organizational success and growth. Women today need to perform the deep and dedicated cultural work, which is required to develop a workplace where all women employees/leaders feel valued and appreciated for all that they are doing.


Let’s begin with the Fortune 500 companies. Women CEOs make up 6.4% approx. of the Fortune 500 list. The companies that take initiative to showcase a higher representation of women on their organizational boards are visibly outperforming.

Furthermore, studies have also outlined that organizations with greater gender diversity, equity, and inclusivity, not only grow and achieve success within their workforce but also among senior leaders, are significantly more profitable than those without them.


  1. Women leaders will draw and paint the future
  2. Unique transformational ideas will be brought to the plate
  3. The enhancement of teamwork
  4. Women demonstrate superior leadership values
  5. Fresh new outlooks and perspectives
  6. Women in leadership roles can easily bridge the gender pay gap

There are ways by which companies can develop inclusivity through developing empathy in leaders and employees. Various leadership courses in Bangalore can teach leaders and managers the right skills to address the workforce in a better manner.