Providing one-on-one training to all the individuals in an organization is not always flexible nor affordable. To broaden the reach and impact of their training workshops, 75% of corporations are applying elearning as an impactful training method. Using highly reputed technology, Blanchard Online Learning enables the delivery of the finest online leadership training, in a customized system that’s accessible to learners at any time or place.

eLearning can save businesses at least 50% over traditional instructor-based training, cut instruction time by up to 60%, and increase information retention rates UP TO 60%.

every $1 invested in online training results in $30 in productivity. Companies that use elearning achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement.*

Innovation is changing the way individuals learn and share data. With the advent of online courses with certificates in India, you can introduce significant leadership training and professional development courses to all hierarchies of your organization while saving time and other resources. It’s the ideal solution for a demographically dispersed workforce, front-line employees with constrained time, and the new age of computerized locals.


With online learning, you can share fundamental authority ideas and aptitudes with a boundless number of individuals in your organization.


Web-based learning diminishes time & distance from the workplace, takes out the requirement for movement, and lessens general training costs.


Web-based learning bids to Generation X and Y’s inclination for everything computerized, engaging them to control the pace and utilization of the learning.


Web-based learning enables participants to advance through a little, nibble estimated content at their own pace, survey ideas, or hop ahead to meet the needs.

Utilizing the most recent developments in a learning plan and propelled innovation, SLII Express is the newest expansion to Blanchard Online Learning – a comprehensive courseware that enables your administrators and directors to learn the basics of Situational Leadership® II. The modern initiative model can be accessed anywhere and anytime around the globe.

Participants work their way through eight drawing in modules, with various exercises in each ranging from 2 to 20 minutes long, that incorporate recordings, intuitive exercises, diversions, stories, and contextual analyses. The modules can be finished in succession, or participants can get to learn essentials when required within a time frame. Participants can likewise meet up to ask specific questions to work together with peers, talk about learnings, and practice their new skills.

SLII Express is an efficient method to furnish people in your organization with the new type of training and skill development platform that can help them to become extraordinary leaders or managers.

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Blanchard Online Learning is a flexible, self-paced, and affordable elearning solution that allows you to deliver Blanchard’s world-class leadership training programs online to dispersed learners across your organization.

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