Accelerate Learning with Train the Trainer Certification in India

Accelerate Learning with Train the Trainer Certification in India

  • 21 June 2019
  • By Our Subject Matter Experts
Train the Trainer

Know more about train the trainer certification in India

The world has become a global hub and this has led to increased opportunities in the corporate world. But at the same time, this means there is an increase in completion and challenges. To keep oneself updated with what’s happening the world over is the need of the hour. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of corporate training and how they provide learning opportunities and bring about a positive change.

Organizations that invest in corporate training experience managerial effectiveness, better customer satisfaction, and higher employee retention rates. A lot of employees are making the transition to becoming a trainer. One of the two top qualities needed to become a successful trainer is – knowledge and communication.

Having knowledge about your field is imperative if you want to train others to follow your footsteps and benefit. It is also essential that you as a trainer keep that knowledge updated with whatever is happening in the industry. With the right train the trainer certification you can brush your skills and become a successful leader and trainer.

The next important quality is effective communication. If you have the knowledge, yet cannot convey that in an efficient manner what’s the use? A successful trainer is the one who understands the other person’s point of view and people are able to relate to his message.

There are so many train the trainer certification in India. But the aim is to choose the best to become the best. Blanchard International has some amazing train the trainer programs that are highly beneficial for new trainers and seasoned trainers to set their careers on a growth path.

Some of the many advantages that train the trainer program has includes – career transitioning, helps you develop training charisma, accelerates career growth, helps in building your own brand, draws on life experiences, it is an all-inclusive training certification, gives you a positive outlook towards training, you become ready to deliver training modules, and it becomes a guide for senior management.

Over the past decade, the need for senior management level training has mounted across all industries. One of the toughest training for senior management is SLII Experience by Ken Blanchard Group of Companies. This program is designed to help senior managers with effective techniques to fix up the most critical situations. This training session helps in keeping leaders prepared for any situation they come across. With the rising demand for such a program, many organizations have commenced deploying the same enthusiastically.

The importance of such a program can be studied by going through the following points:

  • Observe the demonstration of The SLII Experience™ training content: Getting your managers trained with the The SLII Experience™ training program accelerates the overall organizational development. It is designed to help managers deal with different problems with a different, yet more suitable leadership style to resolve the problem and help their teams perform.
  • Using the SLII® Model: For the leaders, it is important to use the SLII® Model. This enables the managers to understand the different learning stages of their team members and help them with an appropriate solution and support. This ranges from:
  • Low Competence, high commitment (D1)
  • Low Competence, Low Commitment (D2)
  • Moderate to high Competence and Commitment (D3)
  • High competence, High commitment (D4)

Choose Train the Trainer Certification in India

With the growing popularity of Train the Trainer Certification in India, professionals are rigorously opting for these training to elevate their careers. Whilst the pool of numerous options, they often seek guidance in choosing the most suitable train-the-trainer certification as per their roles and responsibilities. One of the most sought-after training in this domain is the The SLII Experience™  Train-the-Trainer workshop that is suitable for managers across industries and across all the levels. Getting certified with this training does not just help to streamline processes, but imbibe skills that are required to lead the millennials.

Train the trainer certification in India: How to fast track your career as a trainer?

Train the trainer course is perfect for trainers who are currently working in learning and development teams and aim to expand their options of moving from technical or process teams to behavioral training. Train the trainer course can help them understand the similarities and differences between these processes and make a better transition.

In the ever-changing professional setting it is important not just to learn new skills but to also validate skills so that it is easy to gain the trust of your employer and thereby fast-tracking your career. Therefore there’s a dire need of good train the trainer certification in India.

Train the trainer certification in India is in high demand and the programs that are currently available do not cover a comprehensive area. Most train the trainer programs teach principles of facilitation, content creation, etc. but none of them actually prepare the learner for the specific subjects that they will be facilitating. To train the trainer, one needs to be a stalwart in the world of facilitation themselves.

It is assumed that a person needs to be an expert in their specific field. While this is true to a great extent, but a trainer is also a facilitator who helps learners realize, derive, and arrive at their learning. Along with being an expert in his subject, a trainer also needs to be adept with human behavior, adult learning principles, creative learning techniques, instructional design, and various other aspects to become a good facilitator. A comprehensive train the trainer certification will cater to all these topics.

Blanchard International is known to be one of the leading corporate training companies in India. Their train the trainer certification is one of the best in India. Having attained industry expertise and experience, the company has imparted targeted complacent train the trainer program that not only encompasses facilitator skills but also equips the learner with required study material, worksheets, facilitator guides, handouts, videos, and guidelines to make the process a lot easier.

Rightly said that with Blanchard International you can take the train the trainer certification in India to the next level with application and values. The best part about these courses is that you can choose them as per your convenience. They are available as crash courses and weekend courses as well.

A spurt in the career growth

With the training certification, there comes a spurt in the career graph. Individuals develop and there is nothing that can stop them from achieving what is fruitful for their careers and the organization. Getting rivetted in the wide spectrum of training modules can help in achieving the goals easily. So, there should not be a delay in understanding the importance of following the best for the career path.

Important points to consider

Who should attend?

  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Persons responsible for monitoring, coaching, and developing others.

There are numerous training modules that can be undertaken to achieve a boost in productivity levels. For this, opting for the prolific Train the Trainer Certification in India can be availed along with the SLII training program. With the first-class powerpoint presentations and video links, it becomes rather simpler to avail the knowledge that is needed.